About my Work


Annemie Odendaal is a curious, contemporary South African Artist. Being a conceptual artist, she goes wherever the subject at hand takes her. This multidisciplinary artist is most known for her exquisite linocuts, but also does sculpting, painting, charcoal sketches, etching, pen and ink, photography, embroidery as well as surface pattern design.

“After finalizing my concept and research, I take time to think what medium will suit this concept best. How can I strengthen the message through my medium, and only then do I decide about the execution style of the series. For me the medium is secondary to the concept, although I sometimes like to experiment with various mediums in a series to see how they impact each other.”

She doesn’t follow the traditional artist route of selling only through galleries, and prefer to entertain people in her studio with demonstrations and walkabouts.

Contact her if you are interested in a studio visit.

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