“Now You See Me”

This series is called “Now you see Me”, and it suggests that we choose which part or version of ourselves we show to the world, for various reasons. Each of us have our own life, dreams, hopes and fears, and we camouflage ourselves to cope or to protect ourselves from the outside world. Sometimes you hide and sometimes it is strategy. But sometimes we are ready to show ourselves completely and be vulnerable, and those are the most rewarding of times. When you find that person who can truly SEE you.

“Who am I, really? I prefer to leave that up to the observer, because I will never finish answering that.”

This series was done in my signature linocut medium. I draw the artwork onto linoleum, and then start to carve it out – not without injury of course – with my woodcutting tools. Once this is completed, I ink the linoleum plate, and roll it – laboriously I might add- through my trusted printer press. Once they dry, I hand paint each one individually, with some kind of camouflage motive.

This is a varied edition (meaning each one looks different), hand printed and painted in my signature linocut medium. Because they are hand painted, each one is truly unique.