What doesn’t kill you makes you Stronger!

Today I am sharing both a high and a low with you. As per my previous Blog , I started a new series the beginning of the year called “Connecting the Dots”, celebrating the Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese Calendar, where I showcase the connection between us, our surrounds and how destiny plays a role in it all, by using various new techniques and ideas. 

Easier said than done!

This has taken me so long, because I had to try out different new techniques, of which most were flops though. I almost gave up more than once! After I finalised the concept, I started by preparing the wood and then handprinted Lapine (my origami bunny) in linocut on my press, onto the wood. Luckily, after several failed attempts, I finally got the knack, and the printing went smoother. After it dried, I drilled holes and embroidered like crazy, but most of them were flops again, for various reasons – the linocut was too weak on most of them to interact with the heavy embroidery, the ink on the wood was not as nice as I hoped on all of them and many more reasons.

Finally, and as a very last resort, I pulled my oil paint closer, and started to paint every bunny onto the wood with oil paint. You can tell how desperate I was, since everybody knows that oil paint is my least favourite medium, and I only summons the oil painting gods when all else fails!
But all is well that ends well, and today I am very happy, relieved AND proud to introduce you to my latest series. I hope you enjoy it!

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