Struggling to find the perfect gift for a very special person?
What could be more unique than a personalised artwork with their Zodiac sign.
(or just spoil yourself, you deserve it!)

I am thrilled to share with you my latest series I have created called “Polarities”, where I have interpreted the star signs through the eyes of Lapine, my origami rabbit which is also my avatar / muse. She is also a flaneuse who, like me, loves to travel and roam the world.

This whimsical series will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Seen through the lens of the Zodiac’s grand cycle of life, I created these art works with lino-cut as a medium. After I finalised my concept with pencil drawings, I carve each image out on linoleum, giving me the outlines, I need to print. I then ink each of them and put them through my trusty hand press, creating a semi-embossed black and white image on Fabriano paper. After they air dry, I finally get to the fun part: hand colouring them with ink, to give it a stained-glass effect.

Make sure to pre-order them by giving me the birth date and name of the person who is going to be spoilt with one of these beauties!

“The twelve signs of the Zodiac cycle are divided into six groups, containing two each. Each two-sign group is called a Polarity, usually referred to as ‘opposites’. These signs rest on opposite sides of the Zodiac cycle. While polarities may have similar goals and values, the polarity-quality focusses on the differences between their approaches to life. This polarity is the spark that occurs between opposing energies.”

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