About Me

Welcome to my artist page. Here I would like to share my art adventure with you, as I learn, experiment and develop it. Although I studied art before – BA(Fine Arts) Information Design degree at the University of Pretoria – I didn’t enjoy being a designer. That’s when I took a 20 year break, exploring other businesses, and travelling extensively.

I still had this gnawing urge to express myself and finally made the leap of faith to return back to art, exploring it through a variety of mediums, especially printmaking. I have done some workshops with artists I really admire and put together a body of work over the past  three years that I am eager to show it to the world.

I have also had the privilege to be chosen by SANAVA for a three month art residency in Paris at the Cité des Art, and consequently had a lot of inspiration to draw on, which culminated in an exhibition at the end of my stay. This has truly been the highlight of my art adventure so far.

This journey has been so rewarding and I love being able to fulfill my passion and share it with you. I like to get to know my fellow art lovers personally, so I update my website and social media regularly, and invite you to pop in at my studio.

I am inspired and fascinated by the human spirit and the balance between beauty and ugliness in everything I encounter in my everyday life, love and travels. Even though life can be fragile and fleeting, still I’d like to stand still for a moment and reflect on those things that make this journey worthwhile, and hopefully inspire you too.

Sometimes I feel that I can never be enough; other times that I am way too much. The truth is, I am more than I ever imagined I could be.

– Annemie –