Reflections of Paris

I continuously draw energy and inspiration from my surroundings, so with all the rain in Paris over the past few months, the water puddle reflections of Parisian landmarks, trees and people intrigued me to such an extent, that I could not stop trying to see what I could discover in these ever changing puddle reflections. 

What am I seeing? Am I seeing the truth, or a distorted version thereof? Does it challenge you to see things from a different angle or perspective? To most people it is invisible, as they just walk rushingly through the water puddles, creating a chaotic version of the reflection of just a moment ago. Completely unaware. 

My work is mostly self reflecting and self exploratory, but I also enjoyed seeing how external factors can skew or destroy the image of the world we see. Life is an ever changing mirror, and we are all connected in some way, whether we are aware of the effect we create or not. I was struck once again by the beauty, complexity and secrets of Paris, much as is reflective of our own lives.

I want my work to make an emotional connection with the viewer, while simultaneously emphasizing the connection between everything, as well as the different viewpoints or perspectives of a mutually shared situation.

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