Postcards from Paris

I have always loved the intricate art of folding origami, especially rabbits. The folding process forces me to be still, focus intensely and be completely in the moment. I find it both soothing and therapeutic.

Once I arrived in Paris, I folded a new origami rabbit, and aptly called her “Lapine” (French for female Rabbit). I then placed her in various Parisian settings, forcing myself to observe things from a different point of view, investigating my surroundings from a new perspective. Seeing the world through these glasses (a bit like Alice through the looking glass), I have discovered so much more than I could ever anticipate, evoking a deeper connection and process of honest interrogation of my surroundings, society, and myself.

While exploring new concepts to develop into artworks, I started to doodle with pen and ink in my tiny little sketchbook, just putting down preliminary ideas on paper. This is where new ideas start.  This very intimate look into my process of creating, has formed the first collection of my “Postcards from Paris” series, which I am ready to share with you.

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Hope you enjoy it!

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