To DO or Not to Do

One thing I get asked very often, is whether I do commissions or not 🧐⁠

I don’t… 🙈But I really feel bad saying no all the time, because I really don’t want to disappoint anyone, so I am hoping you will give me a chance to explain why I don’t:📝⁠

⁠- I studied graphic design, but when I started working, I really hated it. The restrictions and limitations was just killing my creative side, and most of the clients requested something that they could easily find in clipart, so really not stimulating for me. ⁠As a result, I went into construction for 25 years and promised myself to never take instructions for art ever again.⁠ I think I am still in shock since then, hence I sub-consciously rebel by refusing to follow a brief.


⁠- I can only create what I genuinely feel. It comes from a very personal place and drives me to express a certain feeling. My art gives me enormous joy, and I would love to share that joy with you. I love how people respond to the works, but that is only possible if I keep things authentic and draw from my heart. ⁠

⁠- Being a conceptual artist, I do a tremendous amount of research and preparation for each series, and I have at least the next 10 series mapped out in my head at any given time. I barely get the time and energy to get through that, so squeezing something else in, would not be fair to the client or to my work. ⁠

⁠👩🏻‍🎨I do however have a vast library of artworks in various mediums you can choose from in my studio, and I am sure you will find something that will resonate with you. ⁠

⁠So please feel free to book a studio visit with me, and I will gladly show you around.⁠

Looking forward to seeing you!💌⁠

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