Tell me a story

Art collecting has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I buy art to tell my story. A secret diary as a witness to my life, if you will. Through each work I collect, I am reminded of different moments of pain or ecstasy in my life. Special memories or special people. Warnings or life savers. Some pieces soothes my soul, while others disturb it, but both give me immense pleasure at every glance, and endless hours of interesting conversations among friends. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive, but it has to speak to your heart.

Art enriches my life in a way nothing else does. It touches the deepest part of my being, which I am sometimes too scared to explore, but which is so necessary for growth and self awareness or exploration. I choose artworks that tell me a story, resonate with me, and make me stand still for a little while longer. On top of that, there is nothing more inspiring for me than witnessing the magic, creativity and subjective beauty of the human spirit through each work.

Sometimes a chance meeting results in an art exchange, as happened while in Paris recently, when I fell in love with the work of a famous Yemeni photographer I befriended here. She came to my exhibition, and we decided to do an exchange of our works. A piece I will treasure always.

So, as an art collector, I can vouch that there is no greater gift to give to someone, than a piece of art on a special occasion, carefully selected to commemorate your friendship, or for yourself, as a reminder or inspiration in your life.

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