Tea Towel – Harvest


“Postcards from Paris” Tea Towel

These must-have exclusive set of towels are printed from my original pen and ink sketches, and will add a touch of elegance, uniqueness and art to your kitchen. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but it’s also makes a great gift.

Art for the Home! Who doesn’t love being surrounded by beauty in our everyday lives? Elevate your culinary adventures with style and charm using these exquisite tea towels, where art and function collides, to make every cooking and dining experience a true feast for the senses. They are perfect for keeping your favourite brew or pastries warm and delicious, or wrapping your bread. Of course you can also just use them to show off! These delightful tea towels are designed from my original pen and ink sketches from my “Postcards from Paris” Series. Read the story of Lapine, the origami rabbit here

Fully Machine Washable in cold water.Painted, printed and sewn in South Africa. Size: 44 x 66cm with hanging loop.

The Tea Towels come in various designs, and in white / harvest coloured material.

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Tea Towel – Harvest
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