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Any artist’s dream is to have a nice studio. Well, mine doesn’t have a beachfront view, but other than that, I am very blessed and happy with the space I have. Here I can create, ideate and procrastinate to my heart’s desire! I thought it might be nice for me to show you my space and give you a glimpse of how a workday here looks like. But first, coffee. Always 😉

I have divided my studio so that I have an easy workflow and of course in the hope that I could keep it tidier (this part I’m still working on…)


The Books: So I have my bookshelves full of a wonderful selections of books from my childhood, through University and collected through my travels. I am particularly excited about my recent acquisition of a set of encyclopedias that I fell in love with as a child. It took me months on eBay to finally find it. It has every country in the world’s folklore, myths and legends. I have a specific new series in mind, where I will use this as my starting point.


The Clean Space: Otherwise known as my desk where I have my computer. Here I work, blog, do admin and research.


The Hanging Space: When I start printing new etches or lino’s, I need ample place to hang them to dry, where they won’t get damaged. My friend Marisma was so nice to build me a rack with washing pegs to hold everything. Genius!

The Louvre: This is the area where I paint or work on very large scale drawings. I don’t think you could ever have enough space for that!


The Work Space: This is an incredible large architects table where I can etch, carve and play. Also the most used space currently in my studio.


The Printing Bench and Storage: I use this amazing filing cabinet (which is bigger than A0!!!!) to soak, prepare and ink my plates before putting it through the press. It also hold all my artwork, new paper and sorted prints. Another happy coincidence made me cross paths with a designer who didn’t need this steel cabinet anymore.


My Beloved Press: A birthday present from my very supportive partner, Cor, who decided it’s time I start doing my art full time. Best decision ever! Just don’t tell him I said so.

There you go! Thank you for taking the tour with me, and I hope to see you soon for a visit! If you come bearing coffee, you are welcome anytime!

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