My Happiness Anniversary – 3 Cheers!

Today I celebrate my third year of doing fine art professionally. I have often spoken about the leap of faith I took to do this, since it was quite an upset in my old life, and a scary new unknown path I chose to dive in. I thought I’d take the time to share a bit of myself with you, and what led to this decision.

As long as I can remember I have been in love with all things arty, head in the clouds and pencil in hand. I grew up in a small town where we didn’t have art in school, but that didn’t stop me from expressing myself. After matric, I was enrolled to study law – as one does…. (just imagine), but luckily changed my mind against all advice, and went on to study Art (graphic design) at the University of Pretoria.

Fast forward a few years after graduation, and I was quite disillusioned with the whole “design” thing, and realised that it just wasn’t for me (clipart and clients you know…). I went on to travel the world, came back and started a radically different new career path in Land Development and Construction. I truly enjoyed it and it quite agreed with me. Until it didn’t. After 25 years in construction, I woke up one morning, and it wasn’t fun anymore. My happiness was gone and I was longing to get back to my art.

I started to occasionally pick up a paintbrush or piece of charcoal to still the little voice inside, but it wasn’t long until I realised that I cannot do both things together. I have to choose, being an all or nothing type of person. I needed to give whichever won, my full undivided attention.

Well, 3 years ago art won! I could not deny this urge to express myself through my art anymore, so I left the business world by taking a very risky leap of faith, and here I am. Doing my art professionally. Amazing. (I know! I still can’t believe it!). I embarked on my new life with this “art adventure thing”, and what an adventure it has been so far!

3 cheers

After being a female business owner in the harsh construction industry for most of my adult life, this was a welcome change for me, and I am a happy soul now!

I am so blessed and have met incredible people along the way who inspire and support me. I had the privilege to do some workshops with artists I really admire (like Collin Cole, Theo Vorster, Mimi van der Merwe, Dianne Victor and Joyce Carreira) to get myself started. I was also lucky enough to be selected by SANAVA to do a three month artist residency In Paris at the Cité des Art, which really opened my eyes and gave my new career a wonderful kick-start.

I cannot wait to enter the next chapter of this journey and looking forward to see where it will take me.

I thought I gave up a lot to pursue my new Dream, and I left a very comfortable life behind, but what I found was so much more! A life of fulfillment and happiness, and that is worth far more than what I had.

Thank you for everyone who played a part in this transition in my life. I am truly blessed to have such a great support system. Whether you bought my art, talked about it, encouraged me, shared my posts, THANK YOU!

A special thanks to my partner who bought me a printing press and really turned the pressure on to produce and pushing me over the edge. You all have helped me realise my dream and found my true purpose. Happiness. I am so grateful for my God-given talent.

Three Cheers and a hooray!!!

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