It’s the most wonderful time of the Year!

Christmas is not Christmas until you have spend Christmas in Europe! Very biased, I know, but Paris is quite wonderful during the festive season. Christmas officially began in Paris on the 15th of November this year, when everything magically transformed overnight into an enchanted wonderland, as if being touched by a fairy wand.

Christmas in Paris

Christmas here engages all your senses to enhance the full experience, and make you feel like you live in another universe. The smells of hot chocolate, Chaude de Vin (hot spicy wine) and crêpes in the air, the biscuits and sweet samples they offer you along the way, the exquisite and lavish window dressing in the shops, the multitude of sidewalk stalls selling gifts, food and drinks, and even the Christmas music coming from the heavens as you walk on the sidewalks, all play their part in giving you the warm feeling in your heart and making it the most wonderful time of the year indeed. (Ok, the music doesn’t really come from heaven, but everywhere you walk on the sidewalks, music is playing through sound systems, so for my fairy tale, let me believe what I want)

Every little square has its own little Christmas Market and despite the colder weather, people flock to share in this merriment. Ice rinks are popping up everywhere, and I am having the time of my life! So while I’m off again to buy some decorations for my apartment, I hope you get inspired to make this holiday as festive, happy and peaceful as you can!

I will post more pictures during the festive season, as I discover more places.

Merry Christmas to all from the heart of Paris!

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