Isolation level: Expert

Well what can I say, I am still quite happy in my little corner of the world, thinking out new ideas and producing artwork like crazy! I tried to capitalise on the time at hand during this lockdown, by enrolling in classes and courses online, to get more skills and polish up on some old ones. It truly has been both amazing and eye opening. I forgot how much fun it is to learn something new again!


Firstly I enrolled in weekly oil painting  classes with one of my favourite artists, the talented Anna-Carien Goosen, currently residing in Australia. Amazing how the lockdown has opened up new avenues for us to explore. I am taking the classes via Zoom, and it has really help me realise how desperately I needed guidance with my painting! 😉

I have also been taken an online course in Infinite Pattern-making, which was one of the most exciting new avenues I have ever explored! This is something that I am definitely going to pursue seriously and commercially. I never knew how technical and vast this field was. It was highly enjoyable and well presented. Watch out for the personalised masks you will be able to buy shortly!

Just for fun I also enrolled in a creative drawing class, watercolour class, and clay sculpting. I am hoping that my other favourite art teachers will soon also move over to online live classes, because I miss their input, and it doesn’t look like classes will ever be as before. A time for new ideas, new ventures and new beginnings!

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