Getting Organised!

Because I am the Queen of being Organised, I decided to use some of these patters to design daily planners. I love  to have something tactile to do my planning on (since our worlds mostly exits on our computers), and I enjoy surrounding myself with beautiful stationery. I feel that this helps me keep on track without getting overwhelmed, while being surrounded by beauty.

I have spent the past year developing a series of over 200 surface pattern designs from my “Postcards from Paris” collection. They are all based on my pen and ink sketches of Lapine, my origami bunny. 

If you want to know more about infinite pattern design and how I fell into it, read here:

Do you think this will help you achieve your goals in 2023?

An organized, orderly environment allows you to focus on our busy lives, and how you’re spending your time instead of focusing on the To-do list that leaves you overwhelmed.


Being organised can also improve depression and decrease anxiety. You achieve the best results when you prioritize and plan your tasks before working on them.

Use a daily / weekly / monthly and yearly planner to schedule a time slot for office tasks, personal errands, appointments, events, time off and break aways, ensuring that you have a balanced life and never miss a beat! Very few people have the cognitive capacity to keep track of all the demands of career, family and social life, so a planner comes in really handy.

Here’s few reasons to get you motivated to start:

– Maintain effective schedules to manage your time

– Enhance Your Productivity

– Reduce Your Stress Levels

– Set clear goals

– Create a routine

– Avoid distractions

– Have time for yourself to rejuvenate and relax

I am going to add to this series of organising files, but to celebrate my first completed design, I would like for you to download it for FREE, test it out for me, and please give me some feedback and suggestions. I would really appreciate it!

Hoping you will enjoy it, get organised for the new year, be more creative and have lots of fun doing it!


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