To all the dog lovers out there…

I have dear friends who rescue anything: stray dogs, wilted plants, dilapidated houses, and even me once. They are relocating to England, so I wanted to surprise them with a parting gift that will remind them of the life they had here.

The obvious choice was an artwork of one of their extraordinary dogs. KK Courageous.

He is both deaf and blind, and totally amazing! He was abandoned because of his disabilities, and rescued by my friends. With scents and his sixth sense, he navigates himself and colours the world he lives in. He maps every step, and memorises each smell. He has the courage to stand up to giants, and will win your heart over in a second. He loves without boundaries and plays with reckless abandon.

I was inspired to do this series, to emphasize how our attitude can determine our happiness. Despite all the obstacles, we can still have an abundance of love and joy. These four pen and ink sketches I made, subtly spells out the word love. And man’s best friend always gives it unconditionally.

This very limited edition of 15 fine art prints is available to buy.

To follow him on instagram, use #kkcourageous

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