Because Life is short, but sweet for certain!

I have just returned from celebrating my 50th Birthday, and was once again humbled by the privilege to grow old, be happy, be healthy, and being surrounded by people who love me. These are the things we so often take for granted, so I really need to acknowledge it, and thank God for these blessings. A friend once sarcastically commented that I celebrate everything and anything. Not that she is wrong, but is it really that bad? Why not celebrate everything? With all the negative things happening in the world and around us, why not celebrate everything good? True, I might overdo it a bit, because I don’t only celebrate birthdays, Christmas and Easter, I also celebrate the first blossoms of spring, a clear summers day, a very cold winter’s night, a new piece of jewellery, old friends, new friends, you name it! And yes, you can open my fridge anytime of the year and you will find chilled Champagne bottles there.

Due to the uncertain lockdown and travel restrictions, I decided to do what I love most to celebrate this milestone in my life, which is exploring.  So we packed our bags and celebrated by embarking on an extended road-trip, exploring the Drakensberg, Midlands, South Coast, and returned homewards, kuier-kuier.  

We have such a breathtakingly beautiful country, and I got some amazing pictures to remember this journey by! A few highlights for me  was Oribi Gorge, where I spent the day of my birthday. The suspended bridge,  gorgeous views, the wonderful food – just unforgettable. We also randomly met up with various friends we have along the way,  resulting in long discussions over red wine and camp fires, and we enjoyed a surprisingly  refreshing Drakensberg Boys Choir concert.  Long walks along the beach and a few golf games on luscious forest-like courses were also on the agenda.

The trip ended off on a farm near Wakkerstroom, where I gave my first ever Lino-cutting Course, and it was so much fun, not to even mention the exceptional food and hospitality – read more about that here

All and all it was an unforgettable trip, a wonderful birthday, and a very welcome break away. I never take any moment for granted. Yes, I celebrate everything, so I would never miss an opportunity or a reminder of how thankful we should be. While we have things to celebrate, we should etch these precious memories into our minds forever, should you need to draw on a little sunshine later in your life…

“People of our time are losing the power of celebration. Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation. Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one’s actions.”


3 thoughts on “Because Life is short, but sweet for certain!

  1. Teresa Truda says:

    I agree – love to celebrate the little things in life too!!
    Congrats on your 50th!!
    I just love that photo of you with the sparkler!

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